An Original Series
Over the course of a few nights a year, the best drivers in the country gather at these hallowed grounds at the Bristol Dragway. Called Thunder Valley, it all comes down to the fastest quarter mile. They were made on the streets, but here they'll be measured on the line. And they all have something to prove.
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the prodigy
A young gun who's competitive nature has fine-tuned his body-building career as much as his taste for tweaking high-end foreign street cars.
the dynasty
For Allen, racing is about much more than lap times and top speeds-- it's about overcoming childhood illness and bringing a community together.
the dynasty
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The sage
General Manager and Electrical Engineer by day, formidable competitor by night, Bill represents the Sage archetype who supports an original purity, both in steed and in style. Taking on younger competitors not only helps him prove himself overall, it also helps him prove that some things get better with age.